Episode 46 – New York Times Best Selling Author and Business Relationship Guru Keith Ferrazzi Shares Conference Commando Networking Tips

Ten Golden Rules Business Marketing Podcast Episode 46 – Features Author Keith Ferrazzi, plus we discuss How to use Twitter Lists, the new  InternetMarketingClub.Org, the new Open Development strategy at LinkedIn, Albinophant, Google Local Coupons, The Top Ten Internet Moments, GoToWebinar, Flash Intros and SEO Strategies. The Song-of-the-Week is a beautiful jazzy number Melissa Forbes ‘Rising Up’. Special http://www.GoToMeeting.com Offer 45 Days Free with code GOLDEN, Call in line 206-888-6606


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Discussion with New York Times Best Selling Author Keith Ferrazzi. We discuss Twitter Thought Leadership, Developing Personal Ambassadors, How to develop Great Business Relationships, Twitter Thought Leadership, Conference Commando

Keith’s Strategies for Developing Great Business Relationships: Generosity, Intimacy

How to Build your Personal Brand in the Age of the Internet
1. What do you want to achieve in your life, this directs the brand you’re building
2. Define Your Brand
3. Who do I need to get to know (individuals and segments). Who are the 75 most important people to your success? Sort them by A’, B’s and C’s – Start with 25 aspirational people spread across A’s, B’s, C’s, begin an outreach strategy spending more time to reach A’s, than B’s and C’s
4. Constant diligent outreach

Planning to network at a conference before the conference
Plan dinner parties that accumulate interesting people
Twitter as a Thought Leadership and Research Tool
Developing Personal Ambassadors

Blogs Keith Reads:
Guy Kawasaki
Tim Ferris
Dan Pink
David Allen

His new community www.GreenlightCommunity.com
Other links available at: www.KeithFerrazzi.com
– The Relationship Masters Academy Training Program
– Keith Ferrazzi Relationship Tip of the Week

Callers and Mentions:

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