Episode 6 Interview with Internet Legend Jerry Shereshewsky

Episode 6 Interview with Internet Legend Jerry Shereshewsky, Ten Tips for Search Engine Optimization, Brother Love Summertime, call in +1 206-888-6606

Interview with http://www.Grandparents.com CEO Jerry Shereshewsky, Ten Tips for Search Engine Optimization, Brother Love Summertime.

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Interview with http://www.Grandparents.com CEO Jerry Shereshewsky, Ten Tips for the  most effective Search Engine Optimization and internet advertising, Podcast of the Week http://www.ForImmediateRelease.com Song of the week Brother Love Summertime

Please share Comments and call in at 206-888-6606 or email us at podcast (at) 10goldenrules (dot) com

Show Notes:
Call in from Michael Lang, The Lang Report. Presidential Election 2008 Best Internet Marketing” What are some of the hot new Search Engines?

Google, MSN and Yahoo have over 90%,. ASK.com 6% and www.Mahalo.com a hot new search engine with human results, read Fast Company Story about Mahalo http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/118/man-vs-machine.html

Email form A Silkin “What do you think about advertising on Social Media Sites?”
Podcast-of the-Week For Immediate Releasewww.ForImmediateRelease.com Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson cover the UK Facebook advertisers who have cancelled ther advertising.

Call in from John Bejarano www.ROIMakers.com “Please explain how to get better results in the search engines (stay tuned for a Search Engine show coming soon!)

Ten Tips for the most effective search engine optimization and internet advertising

On Page Factors

  1. Evaluation – Find out Where You stand on Google, MSN, Yahoo, ASK.com
  2. Search Engine Performance www.SEODigger.com ,www.AltaVista.com MyWebsite.com
  3. Make sure you have Clean code and No Flash sites!
  4. Include a Site map link on all pages
  5. Do keyword Research Keyword Selector Toolhttp://inventory.overture.com, also www.WordTracker.com andwww.KeywordDiscovery.com
  6. Select three different keyword phrases to target for EACH page,
  7. Use unique Meta tags and H1 tags on each page incorporating target keyword phrases
  8. Describe photos and video using keyword phrases
  9. Develop your on site text links, use target keyword phrases in underlined links to other internal pages
  10. Build Links to Your Site through directories, partners, suppliers, associations

Live From the Blog:

  1. Jeff  Search Engine Land  Excessive Links http://tengoldenrulesblog.blogspot.com/2007/08/excessive-links-are-bad.html
  2. Kathryn – Underscores are SEO Friendly?
  3. DJ Link Bait
  4. Michael comments on Dell
  5. Margie Dane Cook’s 2,000,000 friendshttp://tengoldenrulesblog.blogspot.com/2007/08/whos-undisputed-king-of-myspace.html

Discussion with http://www.Grandparents.com CEO Jerry Shereshewsky

  1. Jerry discusses his history with www.SethGodin.com and YoYoDyne Entertainmenthttp://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/news/1998/10/15555
  2. His unique title at Yahoo! Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Madison Ave.
  3. A fascinating story about Direct Marketing Pioneer Lester Wunderman
  4. The importance of Getting to Maybe and a Unique Value Proposition
  5. How www.Grandparents.com will become a user manual for the most valuable demographic group of all time

Song of the Week

  1. Based out of New York City, Brother Lovehttp://www.brotherloverocks.com is popular on the Podsafe Music Network and they’ve been played by popular podcasters such as CC Chapman’s Accident Hashhttp://accidenthash.podshow.com/ and Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code http://www.dailysourcecode.com
  1. Please enjoy Brother Love’s Summertime….


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