Episode 10 Interview with Icon and Author of Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug

Episode 10 Icon and Author of Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug, Live from the Blog Affiliate Marketing Tips, Google Page Editor, The Margie Trick and Mashups. Call in 206-888-6606

Episode 10…Featuring an amazing conversation with Web Design Guru Steve Krug Author of Don’t Make Me Think, A Common Sense Guide to Web Usability, Best-Of  Live from the Blog, Call Ins from Mitch Joelhttp://www.twistimage.com/blog , Joseph Jaffe http://www.JaffeJuice.com, Tim Coyne http://TheHollywoodPodcast.com , Thomas Parrothttp://www.thaneinc.com , Shawn Collins http://www.AffiliateSummit.com,The Margie Trick, Affiliate Marketing, Google Page Editor and Dj Moulehttp://www.DjMoule.com with Bohemian Thunder and SoCalledhttp://www.mySpace.com/Socalled You Are Never Alone –See the Amazing Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tS4OWiozmwMashups of AC/DC, The B-52’s traditional Klezmer and Hip-Hop.

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